For over 25 years, we’ve been designing, developing, and consulting on some of the best websites around. We love nothing more than seeing a project go from the seed of an idea right through to launch. 

Our Philosophy

Designing and managing a successful website requires a mixture of talents:

    • An understanding of the medium — both its technology and its culture
    • A vision of the future — one that allows you to pragmatically design for tomorrow.
    • A willingness to involve and interact with the client during every phase of the site’s life cycle.
    • The management experience necessary to keep a large project moving forward and under budget.
    • The resources, knowledge, and business relationships to answer any question or solve any problem.
    • We aim to offer these services to our clients in a low-pressure, straightforward, honest, professional working environment.

Our Approach

When we take on a new client, we consider it the beginning of a long-term business relationship. We begin the relationship by arranging a meeting (usually at the client’s location) with one of our principals. This meeting allows us to present our firm’s offerings in a personal setting and gives our potential clients an opportunity to discuss their projects with a senior member of our staff. We do not employ full-time sales or account management staff so you will be dealing directly with a design or programming specialist. Following the initial meeting, we usually take about one week to prepare a detailed contract/proposal and submit any required design samples or technical specifications. Once the contract has been executed, the relationship can take many directions, depending on the nature of the project at hand, and the goals and capabilities of the client’s organization. Whatever the situation, we make every attempt to maintain a collaborative working environment, where the client’s opinions and ideas are incorporated into the process at every level.

Large websites are large projects — and large projects require much more than raw production talent; they also need schedules, deadlines, intermediate goals, progress reviews, and a responsible manager who can effectively communicate with the client and coordinate the efforts of many people in many locations. Our managers have the technical and design talent to guide your project and the management skills to keep the work focused and on time.