Web Development Made Easy

First off, why does your organization need a website?

If you are a business, notably a growing one with new ideas, the Internet is the hot-spot to get started. By utilizing the Internet you can broadcast your ideas to millions of people a day, paying little to none. By creating a website for your business you instantly have an international audience looking at your products/services. But, you can’t just make a web site on your own with a word processor or notepad. You must have ample knowledge of web development and how the World Wide Web functions. This is where we shine. Programming web pages is a very complicated process. Here at DigiCog Media we have all the tools you need to create an outstanding web site. But, we can do the job without emptying your wallet for months. So, know that you know about our services, let’s find out what we offer…

Web Site Interfacing

First of all, you must be able to present the content of your web site with an attractive, easy interface. To do this, you must format all of the pages content using the Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML. This process must be done correctly, or the site will not load correctly on certain customers web clients (browsers). We never let anything that is visually displeasing or shoddily formatted touch the web. Along with interfacing comes graphic design.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is in most web developers eyes the hardest process of design a web site. You must use the correct tools to develop visually pleasing graphics. For example, in this layout, several graphics were developed, modified, and then the best one was “cut up” and put in to div layers using HTML. Hours upon hours are spent creating graphics which are suitable to be released to the public. In turn, the graphic design of a website makes or breaks the presentation.

What you need to provide

Although we can provide all the technical stuff, this is where you come in. We need ideas of what you want, how you want it done, and anything else you want. For example, you could look at a page which you like, show it to us, and we could model after it. Although, we do not recommend this, it can be done.

Design Quotation Request

If you are interested in receiving a quotation for web design work, please the complete and submit our Project Planner.

Website Maintenance – Fresh is Good!

Let’s be honest with each other.  The content on your website is getting older everyday.  That’s a fact.  You don’t know how to update it, or you’re just too busy.  Either way, your website isn’t receiving the attention, nurturing, and maintenance it needs.  And so there it sits, doing nothing, languishing….all alone.

Check out our website maintenance packages and let’s freshen up your site today!